Tuesday, 5 July 2011

love this film poster

Some of my favourite things

Studio on Fire

Imperfections and making mistakes is all part of the fun of being creative and allowing change to flow into our lives. 
Wabi-Sabi is all about the beauty of imperfections, and that which has been exposed to use,age etc. for example how an old mug is more interesting than a brand new one. The old one is chipped/stained; it has character, personality and history.

Old hand painted signs


Chinese Woodcut [and propaganda]

Pick me Up 

123 Klan

In general think zombies, dragons and robots are brilliant...

The LCC DGC show comes to you!!

why no have a wander around on here?

Monday, 4 July 2011

DGC showtime!! ...preperation that made it brilliant

early meeting in progress.
Notice the free sweets!

The FDA Design for Graphic Communication show is on!!

The private view was last thursday and was a massive success. open until this thursday when we will have a rounding up event everyone is welcome to.

A massive amount of hard work went into the show and I wanted to show some of that as a thanks to the fellow students and tutors who all pitched in to make it absolutely brilliant.

The work was shared amoungst a few volunteers. I mostly helped with the publication and content for it and pitched in werever else id be most useful.
we worked together to discuss and decide outcomes.

It was actually great working as part of a team on a real live project that affected more than just us working on it

My biggest contribution was screenprinting the covers [every 300 odd of them]
[thanks to sam for doing the back!]
the biggest challenge with that was going old-school and trying to mix the exact 'DGC green' we were working with. that was a real worry for a while.

this was a brilliant idea on nicks part.
but a complete arse to put together.
and it was definately worth it

this was a not too subtle way of trying to draw people towards our exhibition.
and looks brilliant

registration is a bitch

coming together!


we felt that as our course has alot to do with getting and doing things,,,
alot of craft, and making and doing..

we wanted to reflect that in the show by binding and screenprinting the show publication
live in the show itself.
also with a range of postcards people can pick and choose from to make their book unique.
[thanks to Nath to the 'live' screenprinting with me]

check nath sneaking into the '2 hours to go' pep talk

calm before the storm.
oddly, about an hour before the show 'opened' it was weirdly calm.

'live' screenprinting should of been alot messier
i had a blast with it

the beuty of being there doing it it shows the process,
and shows its human and possible to do and anyone can get involved

a few times i was more than happy to show people how to screenprint
..and they get their own personalised cover!

I was quite annoyed at one individual who I felt completely jibbed the binders
acted all controlly and organisy and completely left it

that was a difficult task, being salesman and binder,and explaining what it is we're up to to people

while me and nathan had a right laugh printing crazy covers and chatting to the guests

Some of the other things round the University...

Some of my work on display...

love it when people look at our hard work
love it even more when they put it back nicely :)

Alway much better to have a look at the work the day after the private view.
much quieter
and a nice surprise to see people looking at our work

Some of the crazy covers!!!...

My personal favourite..Graphic product Innovation put on an excellently themed show
I loved this and they deserve every bit of excellence they get for it