Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Typo london 2011

Thanks you FDA DGC and thank you Jeff Faulkner from XBOX. thanks to you i got to go to Typo london 2011. I definitely made the most out of it and was lucky to be one of the 20 to do the calligraphy workshop! 

As everyone had much better cameras than me, and are probably take much more interesting photos than me, i thought it would be a nice idea to sketch some of the speakers I went to see.

We're making a newspaper inspired by this even. or well at least as a starting point, if this even was inspiration than I'm already losing hope. I am very thankful to go to the event and i took a lot from it, BUT

I was disappointed at the organisation, the place it was held and some of the talks were very dry, or with one particular well known individual, the same old stuff I've seen before and with no energy. 

If i had paint the £700 odd quid i would of been very disappointed.
wasn't even that much type there to be honest. having said that there was loads of great stuff and I learnt loads. anyway heres some of my sketches of this years typo london!
Jeff Faulkner from xbox
-thanks to him me+some other DGC student got to go

cheers jeff!

this woman sat in front of me had a massive bird shit stain right there on here leg
it definitely wasn't random toothpaste or tipped

neville brody
aka "nev"

this is the founder of 'its nice that'

this is one of my favourite drawings, as, I'm not sure why I've drawn him with double eyes

When i was taught to draw from life, It was drummed into me-quite rightly- to make it as close to what you see as possible
but through this little mistake I quite like exaggerating or adding things, as its just a drawing it has a kind of believability about it.  ill muck about with that a bit more i think

General observation of the typo london go-fers

the king of ghana
[it really is]

sketch notes are the best thing in the world
this illustrator was very inspiring for me

mikey beirut

this is laurence weiner
and that is his beard.

Insanely brilliant screenprinty collage by Greg Gossel: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Graphic Portrait.

Recent Portrait done.
I started with a photo and worked from there
the actual layout is all done digitally, then screen printed!

I did do a background for it, so i could register a colour underneath
[the final blue+yellow is the only one i liked]

as you see i really liked just printing the top layer, inverting it and printing a darker colour on top
so simple!
but i feel really effective.

This is the Portrait i chose to have framed and presented to the client
they loved it!