Saturday, 31 July 2010

life drawing development

I wanted to draw this because of the hair and that big round nose

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Following on from a chapter in my FMP book where i was drawing people i saw in london, ive enjoyed having a pocket sketchbook on me and drawing - much better than reading the metro.
the problem is you only get a minuite or two, and they move! so i wanted try it out on something utterly still and with as much time as possible without worrying about making eye contact millions of times with the same person.
and it was good! insantly i got better attention to detail as i could look right up to the face, for some reason also found this easier to to larger drawings and experiment more with the composition on the page

this is why i went up the v+a, and do some double exposures of the sculpture to as im finding more and more that humans make much more interesting subjects than anything else. [for me anyway]

heres some of the original 2 minuite drawings from the project:

V&A different photography

this is an insane idea- this is a sculpture at the v+a and the artist/photography basicly turned the entire glass cabinet into a big pin hole camera!!brilliant idea!!
now this image is interesting to me, the content is good but whats most interesting is mixing the media and actually painting onto the photo!

ive included the caption next to it, because although not on display its brilliant to learn of another person doing d.i.y. framing as i mucked about with in france...
some of these picture of britain were interesting. these are the most dramatic, but what i liked most was the glimpse into 50's- 70's britain. it was mor ethings like union jack haircuts and old 50's glasses, not quite worht me taking digital pics of, but really quaint and altho calm, still captivating
I really identified with the photography on display here at the v+a.- i saw it as artists/creatives using cameras as another tool, not as a photography doing photography. if that makes any sence. and thats how i like my pics
 i only discovered they had a photography room a few months ago!! its proper hidden away right at the back it changed very regularly too

i recently got a digital camera to use alongside my old film one, i ought to make a post about how i approach photography and as digital photography is still alien to me, might be good to document my progression with that as i think is the point of us having a blog

Chris Price - hand made books N illustration

found these books amoungst the crap at the v+a bookshop

actually its a very good bookshop, and like places like magma i like it cos i get to see lots of inspiring books, then buy them cheaper on amazon

i discovered this wonderful book there, looked out of place amoungst the well finished factory furnished books on display and just really liked it, it was £25 so i wanted to make a post about it instead of buying it. as ive said before this blog also acts as a kind of digital scrapbook for me wer i can refer back to things that inspire me or have learnt.
excellent illustrations, that was one of the main things that really got me,
the composition of it too, the way its cropped to the birds foot

oh also this books all about british birds- which does sound a tiny bit shit
but its not. it is genuinely a lovely book
you know me im all over hand made stuff
-but for £25? too much for a student

not sure how much i like the hand made text, i like it, but if it wer me id want to do something digital and then maybe distort it in a way, give it some kind of naturalised feeling, say using an old typewriter or something or weathering the text.

ah i love this drawing! im sorry but i do think thats just lovely with the music notes coming out of its mouth
does look like its actually vomiting music notes as well tho!
incredible illustrations. dark / light
look how this guys drawn the wood detail!!
this is a little more what im on about with the text. i just want to draw attention to the stuck on capital letter there
i love mixed creativity

yeah. fancy book. check it out! and whats interesting is its self published by the look of it, and im assuming just waltzed up to the v+a and offered em his book!? bit like pdf n work placements we're doing
-this is something i want confidence with-to be able to walk into a gallery or a book shop n say hey im ben have a loook at this

oh and i went to the 'summer camp' fete thing n all at the v+ a
it was pants dont bother. well thats a bit strong but i was expecting more
and if you see the stall indoors with the woman doing the drawing thing. do the drawing thing, i felt so sad for her cos everyone wanted to go outside

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Whitecross street art party!!

This was SO INSPIRING AND INTERESTING FOR ME!!! this was near old street a big street art festival, and showed the sheer range of creativity that can be made from those determined enough
and thats why it was damn inspiring i so want to really push myself and do work of a good enough quality i oculd have a cheeky stall of my own god enough people might part a few coins

there was some excellent art, sculpture food. so much to get inspired by. oh and a mechanical dinosaur on wheels!
 [big thanks to my excellent fda freinds for letting me know about cool stuff such as this]
-this has given me a proper drive to make some mad sculptures out of out toys,

..I had an idea towards the end of the final term, to make a pastic casting of some toys and make plaster casts from them.
-plaster casts because i like the roughness, its a bit like 3-D screenprinting
i wanted to get some old toys out of a charity shop or car boot sale, cut them up, melt them and effectively make some 3-D collage.
infact the more i think about it the more fun it sounds and potentially mad!
these ceramic tiles are great.
such a good new medium to use with screenrprints! id like to know how they became kind of shiny and varnished effct, as if some kind of treatment being applied to it
this artist dr.d is brilliant like the rough style of type