Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Victorian Graphics are brilliant

Recently went along to see this intriguingly old Victorian surgery of all places

hidden above and behind and old church in kings cross.
its a gem of history in the middle of town.

Im really into the odd history still alive in london, how we have centuries old buildings,
monuments and whatnot all squidged alongside a Boots and Ladbrokes etc
Im really into these old labels, intrigued by the old handpainted adverts you can still see emerging into the 21st century now and then, this place was great.
particuly love some of the brutal old ingredients and selling points:

look at the age and colour!
wabi sabi in your face

arent these old etches just uber Olde

victorian time=bleak times

does what it says on the tin

medicine garden

Monday, 22 August 2011

Whitecross Street Art party!!

This was another one of those fantastically enjoyable and inspiring summer days
an outstanding way to waste the day
I love this event, I went last year and loved that too

lots of weird things, sculptures things to do,see and eat

this guy!
i think this guys a luncatic
but brilliant
going about painting intricate paintings onto chewing gums on the floor..


actually this had nothing to do with the exhibition
i just love how this is the most rediculous bit of street type ive seen

Hackney WickED tube map

This was an intriguing bit of work; it was people's random submissions about where they live,
a kind of peoples map of London, like 'tommy's house' etc
and i liked that. people who submitted got emailed the pics!
thanks hackney!