Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Car Boot sale of London sightings

never feed swans from your hand.

I utterly love how multicultural london is

found in the morning.
dont think anything will say more about a cheap saturday out than this view

-love how the coke was barely touched but the vodka was totally empty

a cake found in dalston. 

no idea who got an entire item of luggage in there
but i salute you

burnt out workmans glove amoungst the empties

the most pointless door 


not me! casually drawn on a used metro newspaper in my carriage

thats a naked barbie doll in a piss soaked doorway.

found in a toilet cubicle

love this van. wonder what it delivers and for whom?

never knew there was such a thing
found in wandsworth

i know it hasnt rotated
but turn your head its poetry

gig in an abandoned swimming pool

yin / yang


this town is massive and so incredibly varied.
Nothing quite like it there is always something new to be seen or found
[view from crystal palace]

Some curiosities from across the water

hand painted signage. love them

condom machines on the street.

Why do we still have those awful red 80's throwback 20p sweet machines that surely just spread food poisoning.
who refills those?

these were put up as another measure to fight the aids epidemic.
glad thyre still there. i think theres a lot we can learn from our naighbours over the water
[no not just condom machines]


pop a euro in. bakes a fresh baguette for you

rural france

cars. gossip. porn

bonjour monsieur!

after yearly quests to the same beautiful spot i stay at each year,
its only now i learnt it used to be an artists retreat even filmed by the BBC.
cant beleive it took me over 11 years to learn that.
I love it regardless. even if it was on channel 5

gory hole

interior of abandoned power station

front interior


the birds run this place now

the pace of life in france can be measured exactly
by the current of the river. calm and easy going

oh la la!
quite funny this scene amoungst the quiant sickeningly pastel coloured needlework of scottie dogs and cats.
then this.

my inner 11 year old will always be stuck in playground mode

love these hand painted signs dotted around
beautiful, elegant and expertly spaced out.
just casually perfect

even like the little illustrations!