Tuesday, 11 December 2012

FORGET THE MINIONS- artwork development

I was kindly invited to do the artwork for the upcoming FORGET THE MINIONS music collective.
Dan Joyce-the creative force behind the collective wanted to set up a music collective and a monthly event
bringing together and celebrating the best in alternative, punk, indie bands in London right now.
With so much creative energy, this was a dream project.
This is an insight into the development for the first poster.

-Before I even began with any visuals i went through a process of Idea Generation,
asking myself questions such as who/what/why/when/where?
Then bouncing these early ideas off Dan and seeing what we got most excited about.

-Im not going to post these as its litrally a block of text with rambling thoughts and ideas.
but thats what its supposed to be.

Once complete I move onto a rough thumbnail stage, of thinking through drawing,
the above image is an example of that.

through the idea generation I thought about all aspects,
one of them putting thought into the format itself - an A3 poster,
and how to get more from it and do something unique and different like the collective itself

The above ideas are quite simple really, 2 posters on top of each other,
with one long image that connects when put together

I thought Where are they placed, and a lot of the time in the windows of pubs and venues,
giving a unique element of sunlight coming into play,

with that in mind i thought of how the poster could intereact with the sunlight,
having something on the back that could show through to the front,
to simpler ideas of just having the poster double sided so is viewed inside and out

these are soem of the thumbnail ideas developed a little further,
the third 'launch' night idea we took further so i didnt waste any more time

the antlers into type idea is still a valid one, and none of these ideas will be wasted and can be used again for the next.

With 3 days to design and print, we decided to keep it simple, and keep to a single A3 portrait poster,
of a visual play on the idea of a 'launch' night' i set to work looking at this idea

I delved further by simply looking online at 'LAUNCH' ]as well as other band launch nights'

photo on my laptop to quickly show the client development, liked it and carried on...

Its important to see the design in real size, so printed out some simple black and white versions
and sent the photos

experimenting with type, theres LOADS of processes i love to play with
and i wanted to develop my hand written type,
i picked up a trick along the way but was too late to incorporate [but now i know! so amazing value to me!]

but the point is i wanted to try a few things out, as i wanted there to be a difference
between the poster and the flyer

Final layout development....

these final developments are all in black in white, as i need it to be black for when i come to expose the screen or make a master for riso printing.

the final event itself was amazing! 
so much creative energy involved with this, delighted to have been on board.

Sound and Vision. Shepard Fairey exhibition

im really into the texture and layers that goes into his work,
something I really want to experiment with

-Ive been looking at ways of combining my joy of collage with the joy of drawing,
into the current social comment

texture detail - love it.

this is a rubylith, something i havent seen much in the UK,
im not sure if uk printmakers ever use it. Ive read about it in the gig posters book

looks like another thing for the to-do list!

i love ephemera and i loved this, great to see,
collected and collaged ephemera and enlarged huge

dont know what its trying to say thought. 

im loving the way other prints are cut up and pasted back together,
i really want to work into and ontop of my prints too