Monday, 21 March 2011

the Tic-Toc pop up shop!

The tic top pop up shop was almost exactly as it sounds
a dodgy shop in Euston only open for 3 days

i think today is the last day if your quick!

personally i loved it
loads of great graduate illustration
all printed on a risograph!

ive been well into risograph the effects is lovely
so im a bit biased, but the great thing for this collective
[ Eff Dee Ay-who also did the fanzine one in book club other week]

you can mash out a massive stack of awesome work dead cheap, and sell it affordable
[ £10 a print. not bad. not amazing. but right]

im really into these almost renegade print shows. maybe cos im on a similar level, but maybe because there no pretentious bullshit. its real work done by people who love what they do and are going to continue doing it regardless

anyway, some of the highlights....

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