Sunday, 11 September 2011

Egypt X energy X subversive X funny = ?

 Egypt. Its a beautiful place but its a desert in more ways than one.

Before I left I was asked to keep my eye out for things with ENERGY, SUBVERSIVE, FUNNY, 
it was a bit of a drought for that, not so much because everything was in arabic script, but there just doesn't seem to be that much kind of graphics or advertising or anything of the sort out there. there were a few little gems though that caught my eye...hence this lovely post just for you

Ill have some more beautifully insane double exposures for you soon. thyre in the oven as we speak

non alcoholic beer=driving beer


this isn't anything at all to do with anything
-but i like it cos it reminded me of the temple of doom off indiana jones

tree made of old beer bottles.
excellent use of recycling / going green [going 'green'! gettit!?]

from a distance this really looked like a tree

arab wabi sabi

the reason i liked this, its obviously just been smashed together in minutes
its like the maker of it said right we've got the back bit of an old film poster,
and some black paint; fuck it lets just go with it

I'm impressed most with the 'lo-teck' inverted title, like a stencil was cut out and ink daubed around it

i know its blurry, but look closely..see what it is?
literally the seediest nightclub you could ever go to,
i think it was literally just some guys driveway
love the go-get attitude though

thanks again iPhoto for not making it easy for me to save it when i rotate photo's the right way
i know its upside down but i uploaded it anyway cos i think its cool ok

this is, what i assume to be, hand painted directions/info

a load of bumbo jumbo
I absolutely love fake ripped off things.

and i still love slightly dodgy hand painted shop signs
the more ambiguous the better 

actually its really cruel of me to take the piss out of bad use of english
im not exactly a shining example of the language myself

but still this was brilliant.
-never saw it but was told of a bottle of wine there called "auld slag"

fire station

i really need to get on this rotation saving business.
blatant rip off of donald and i love it

revolutionary vegetables!!
did you know the revolution in egypt is still ongoing??
Bizarrely under the water could be found engraved/painted
large stones with pro revolutionary slogans/chants etc

-wish i could provide a photo of them but only got it on film
as water+digital cameras never mix
especially seawater
[i had a waterproof film camera-and id like to talk about cameras as were on the subject..
yes my 4-year old 2nd hand £40 minolta film camera is still going strong
4 years! its seen a silly amount of mileage, and shows no sign of giving up
yet my brand new samsung digital camera was a complete arse
10 seconds to take a photo outdoors!!??thats insane!!
with 10 seconds per shot [it blurs if you move it]
not only do you look like a mug you can never take a quick 'of the moment' snap
and you can never ever take them secret naughty photos in galleries etc

I'm quite impressed with the history just painted up on the walls, in a way they kind of remind me of the murals on the sides
of houses in derry/belfast etc.
wouldn't harm to have a bit more of that in london maybe?
or just more colour on some of the walls?

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