Tuesday, 20 March 2012

YOU ARE AMAZING - process of development for Samsung's LOVE NOTE

 I received a brief to create a postcard, illustrated, with the theme about 'love'
a lovely brief, but very open [although specific requirements about sensitivity towards religion, swearing/ anything offensive!] which I'm just as happy to do [although as you see i thought a nice big red "fuck yeah!' would be great obviously didn't continue that...

 I began as always, doodling out ideas in my sketchbook, knowing no-one will look at the ridiculousness [until i blog it like so] and generally thinking with my hands as much as my imagination

i chopped down some paper to make some 'dirty' prototypes. 
quick tests to gauge using the postcard size and realise a couple ideas.

At this point i felt i wasn't too delighted with going for hand drawn approach, and the best idea i had about love was the simplest: what is the most favourite thing i like to tell my lovely girlfriend? 
[and what does she like to hear!]

so it was easy from that point on thinking of it in terms of literally as if i was doing for someone i love

'you are amazing' just had to be done, and when said out loud to real humans, 
was agreed it'll be an amazing postcard.

so i knew what i wanted to say, and i knew i wanted it clear. 
so i gleefully rubbed my hands to have a chance to mess about in a letterpress studio

Letterpressing some roughs i knew would give me a rough, textured feel
having something clear, clean, established such as type, but having it hand made would bring about an element of honesty, of actual love for the process, and simply love of craft.

Using some choice 'faces, i mocked up some roughs, and brought them back into photoshop for better compositional control and for speed. as much as i love letterpress, this approach works best for me, especially for something that will exist digitally anyway

This is the first submission which was well received,

but after feedback it was felt the kind of flash effect for the background could be seen to have connotations of the japanese war flag. didn't see that myself, so another good reason to have feedback

with that in mind, i played around to offer a variety of options, and a variety of compositions, 
also including elements to make this much more obviously to do with love 
heres a few of my favourites...

 As you can see, i spent a lot of time tweaking just even simple elements to get the most of the design

From then on, some of the favourites of samsungs was discussed.
- and this below one chosen for use!

and a very good choice it is too. 

you can have your own one or send one of these to someone you love for free HERE

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