Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sound and Vision. Shepard Fairey exhibition

im really into the texture and layers that goes into his work,
something I really want to experiment with

-Ive been looking at ways of combining my joy of collage with the joy of drawing,
into the current social comment

texture detail - love it.

this is a rubylith, something i havent seen much in the UK,
im not sure if uk printmakers ever use it. Ive read about it in the gig posters book

looks like another thing for the to-do list!

i love ephemera and i loved this, great to see,
collected and collaged ephemera and enlarged huge

dont know what its trying to say thought. 

im loving the way other prints are cut up and pasted back together,
i really want to work into and ontop of my prints too

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