Wednesday, 2 January 2013



I dont see myself or sell myself as a photographer, But it is a medium I love messing about with. I've a pokey little digital camera and wanted to throw a bit of fun into my snaps than just a default photograph of something.

My dads a proper old school photographer and I think it horrifies him when he sees me double exposing 35mm film or taking dozens of really bad off-piste shots of a beautiful landscape.

But its what you get after, yes that is a rubbish shot of a zoomed in roof in the middle of nothing, but take dozens and put them together and it looks great!


-Stand still and take 6 wide view shots of everything you see in a 180 degree arc.
[these will be your 'canvas' to work from]

-Zoom in and take lots of detail shots of everything around you.
[I like to divide it up, and take say 6 shots from the floor to the sky, then back down again a few degrees to the side and work my way around]

-Open in photoshop and tie together your wide view shots. on their own can look cool.
open up and place the detail shots
[i find 'overlay' and simply resizing really helps piecing together, think of it as a jigsaw]


ill post again about double exposures soon-a great activity when on an adventure.

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