Sunday, 22 August 2010

A-Z summer project // SCREENPRINTING [pt_2/home screenprinting]

Home Screenprinting

this was fun!
basicly ive been intending to explore what printmaking i can do from home without having to splash loads of cash on renting a studio when college is closed. and as ive only a year left until the joys of the schools facilities are closed to us

i took an image ive previously worked with and had a little play with it to recycle it for the purposes of this little project.

im using a small fabric screen [as i wanted to make a t-shirt for someone] and also because its all i had.

it was straightforward enough but much messier. all i did was set myself up on a disposable surface in the sun and just got stuck in

i did alot of preperation, such as the mono printing, the image creation, preparing the screen at school first. the prints themselves i find are the tip of the iceberg, the main body of work is putting it all together
-and cleaning it up!

next project i want to try lino cut and wood cut from home as thats a possible too, and i want to try out photography development without an enlarger; photograms and pin hole cameras
i never do this at school for some reason, or rarely do
-mix my own colours!
and the bath gets used to clean it!

heres some of the examples.
it was great working with just acrylics and i was very happy with the results and the knowledge it is possible at home and be more efficient the next time i try

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