Sunday, 22 August 2010

Work Experience 2 // intro

Theres a reason i havent posted for a long time, blogger is banned in china!

so i couldnt share any of the just completely inspiring things i discovered. there is a huge wealth of fascinating things i really want to share, luckily alot of it gels with the reasearch i needed to do for the summer project so while i have access to blogger now, over time i will be doing specific posts from what i learnt in china in relation to the summer project and others that have nothing to do with anything but are still brilliant. 

I am in Korea now and I will be starting my work experience tomorrow. so my first post I want to be about this. [plus the fact i could spend a solid day or two just catching up on posting-i have so many pictures this is going to be a good time to put into practice the 'editing' skills my feedback from the FMP screamed at me]

also this post is a bit of an experiment as ive been learning photoshop tutorials and this one is the results of 'batch processing' and editing images so they dont have a big file size and so i can do a job lot of particular tasks and save time. i get so delighted when i learn computer jiggery pokery so for my own benefit i want to demontrate how to do it:


1/ make a folder of all the images you want to do stuff to [for example smaller file size]

2/ open one in photoshop


4/ press the record button [if you ever had an old tape deck you'll know whats what]

5/ what i did was go IMAGE SIZE> then changed the percentage at the top of the pop up box

6/ save

7/ stop the recording action, close the file

8 FILE > AUTOMATE > BATCH -when this opens you can choose the folder of stuff you want to edit, i chose it again as a save destination too

and thats it!! its lovely when something i see as so hard to decipher works and becomes easy for me!

this is the second work experience this summer. the first being the exhibiting work for sale in a restaurant. [ill make a seperate post on this before we return to show the beginning and the end of the 'show'] 

I will be assisting teachers in graphic design as well as 'studio art' 
from what i know from the brief contact ive had so far ill be conducting my own projects as well [fuck!]

the advice ive been given so far is to simply demonstrate and show what your passion is. to show the students you are a person first and a teacher second is what i been told by the fellow teachers ive met

so this post is of the school itself when i was shown around yesterday, i met one of the teachers 'miss yeung' or maria to me who does the graphic design. thankfully is well freindly and i look forward to working with her and getting to know her as well as the other teacher and of course all the students.

-why am i doing teaching experience?-for the same reason i had undergone the stress of an 'exhibition' earlier- i want to strech and push what the FDA is teaching ME and bend it to see what else i can do outside of design studio work-which i must stress is definately in my sights. this will be something i intend to do specifically when i return to the UK or during xmas

anyway this is what an international school looks like...
this is my timetable, each day i will be doing either one of these 'day 1's day 2's'

yeah as you see this image is tiny
this is because i cocked up the batch processing

the school grounds are really pleasant, its really nice to be in the environment
and also incredibly bizarre being in a school! not a college, not a uni A SCHOOL and its a proper school!
jus quite funny seeing recognisable things, although different

it is going to be a bit funny being on the other side of the desk as it wer
yeah this is a good idea-these schools have ATM machines!
nice big room with a bit of greenery. nice environment
TEACHERS LOUNGE! i laughed at this! being in the teachers lounge my instant reaction was one of being in trouble and of not being allowed inside

i found out why too [check out the stashes of booze!]

this will be one of the classrooms i willbe working in.

the kit ive seen so far is new and of a high quality, brand new apple macs [the school recently converted to macs wholesale] decent, new fresh pens, metal rulers flat clean cutting mats etc etc

also the art room is huge! its the biggest classroom in the school
and rightly so


--obvious instant reaction is fuckin a!they got printmaking!

but the quality is good!!!really good!! look at that drawing!! i was instantly impressed
[i hope theres some printmaking art trick i dont know that made these good quality drawing skills :P ]
loads of these mad collage books!
these are really cool i thought!! might do one myself !

i was drawn to this mixed media print [below] its something i myself intend to work toward.

my potential students?

Rachel said to me in my tutorial that one of the great things she finds with teaching is getting envigorated energeised and inspired by us! and im already finding thyre interest and excitiment and vibrancy rubbing off on me

i intend to do daily posts on what i do and learn, depending on the day.

if theres somethign to post ill post but not for the sake of it

hope everyone else is having or had an excellent experience a fucking brilliant summer!!

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