Wednesday, 22 December 2010

entry for V+A Illustration awards 2011

this is one of my sumissions for the v+a illustration awards.
I did a series using chine collage as well as monoprint.
check it out!

'Lost Knowledge', Benjamin Rider, 2010
'Lost Knowledge'
Benjamin Rider
London College of Communication, FDA Design for Graphic Communication
13 December 2010

My main submission is a cross process etching print. Part of an edition I wanted to use a repeatable image making process and combine with unique one off mono prints and chine collage. My original concept is to illustrate how as humans there is a lot we dont know from one another through how and what we choose to show one another. By studying the human form in its most honest, combined with my approach I want to show how we are each incredibly different and fascinating, and not all cast the same. 
View the whole edition a

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