Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A-Z// Z is for ZOMBIE!!

as you see i began with a sketch, i traced over this scanned, resized and worked on top
to define with stronger lines and used photoshop for some simple effects.
Made 3 seperate images for three different colours.

 Theres a few things in life I think are just brilliant;
and zombies.
i think thyre just awesome.  i think thyre such a strange but cool thing in popular culture. and of all these things the great potential for cool imagery

with Z being a bit vague and open i just went for it with this,  I wanted to practice my image making skills and printmaking.

I did go insane, producing over 80 finished prints. But this was mainly to experiment and learn with technique and most importantly colour co-ordination and a took alot from this.

the below are a handful of favourites I handed in. If you know me, One of these will turn up in the post.


the colour of the photos is a touch blue, but that aside
this colours are great


this is also the first time i used metallics , relaly just to see the results
thyre rediculously metallic, gold is proper gold
did 5 or so on black backgrounds. looks ace

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