Sunday, 16 January 2011

Newspaper club. first days.

Newspaper club:  first days...
We have begun a new project.
I am doing a project focusing mainly on research and research methods.
I say mainly as im not sure what level im on with research.
going on my last projects feedback;not that good
I want to go all out on this project its got great learning potential for me,
im excited by the goals: those who do good enough get their work printed as a 12 page paper!

the project, how I understand it, is looking at design in the 21st century
I will do thourough research to produce something that is more interesting than factual

at first I wanted to do some kind of 'designers survival guide'
nah.not answering the brief
so im going for something bit more off the wall, but stil useful, factual
and compelling to read

like; out of a 100 emails ill send how many will actually bother recognising I even exist?
but how many will respond to a beutifully printed personalised letter?
what will actually get me a job? having a good portfolio of knowing someone high up in the studio
or having a beard

anyway next weeks post should hopefully have something solid on that for everyone

but this week we received the brief, and started on our first workshop with Jo
i like her lessons a lot
i like her approach to design
it kinda makes it feel new and exciting
not as thought i need any more of that

we looked at the elements of a newspaper,
disected it and rebuilt it
at the same time considering language
mast head, sub head, body text, running head

language ive come to realise is a very important tool.
im now more pleased than ever that I did an elective in something that supports this for me.
I wish I had more images to show from darrens workshop, where we looked more at ideas and understanding the brief
but i cant download the images from my phone...

lesson 1 of 2011:

never ever rely on technology

angles are amazing

action shot

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