Saturday, 8 January 2011

A-Z \\ LINO CUT extention \\ home printmaking Pt.2

Good ol Lino Cut.
another experiment to seeing whats possible out of printmaking at home
-an issue on my mind as I wont have access to printmaking facilities after this course
and also to save time, if i could do this at home i could spend the day at LCC doing something else
which i dont have access to.

Firstly- LinoCut is rediculously easy at home and real easy to get really good results
We dont need that massive victorian machine[-as brilliant as it is!]
Just some inks, paper, a wood/lino cutter and a roller.
barely a tenner for the whole set up!!

I began by drawing my image onto paper, then rubbing it onto the lino itself.
I never saw this but appaently this is the korean approach.
here i was told to draw straight onto the lino which is also fine
but i prefer the paper method, easier and better quality image

I think the hardest part,  was cutting into the lino itself, not hard, i found it quite easy to focus on it
its just slighty time consuming, but not in a boring prolonged way
this first stage took a good hour if not more
this is the stage i handed in the lino. 

the reason i havent cut away the line but instead cut Around the lin is because it prints in reverse,

I worked more into it.
i think this image is quite funny which is one reason i did it
so i wanted to add a little more impact to the nature of the image

once i inked the lino with the roller i placed the paper and dragged a ruler accross it
this almost embossed the paper at the same time

the first print!!
i love the first print! i was delighted to see it worked! it actually worked!

few issues with ink on unwanted parts. i left it to retain more quality of the process

i tried printing by just using the pressure of my hand.
it did yeild a slightly different effect. ..

tried out different papers
I found thicker paper better just because it felt more solid and therefor valuable

this is calligraphy ink.very watery. 

i though the first print was shite, but rest had a really cool quality.

acrylic ink just ruined everything
total waste of time and ink

towards the end i had quite a simple, but good, effective set up
I used a large cutting mat to roll and apply ink, and the smaller one. kept clean to print

block printing ink. bit weird stuff.
the best ink by far was the oil based ink.
was a right messy bastid but gave excellent prints.

using old canvases as a kind of makeshift drying rack.
One thing ive enjoyed particuly is making do and finding new uses for things.

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