Monday, 22 August 2011

Hackney WickED

Dear Blog: 
Sorry for leaving you out of all of the cool graphics art n street stuff thats being going on recently. 
But I did have a very nice few weeks off thanks for asking

all images in this post have been taken on a really dodgy £20 mobile phone camera
as alas, my trusty old digital finally had enough. 
it took many a photo and opened many a bottle.

id also like to add my laptop has also died this summer. 
why is it digital things seem to have a life of no longer than 4 years if you're lucky??

yet my beaten old warhorse of a film camera has been round my neck 
quite litrally almost every day since '08
that really was probably the best £40 odd quid i ever spent was that film camera
still glad we discovered each other


So hackney wick, I absolutely loved this time of year, there seemed to be a whole bunch of odd weird and wonderful street art and good honest down to earth -well not so donw to earth, but honest original bits and peices

with music and red stripe thrown in and a bloody sunny day
whats great is the sheer amount of people who swarm to these events,

its almost interactive, its a bit fast and loose:
and its free

it seems to me a bit like, its summer and lets do something outside
something outside that isnt sitting and ignoring with your wife whilst studying The Observer

theres nothing wrong with the observer. I just think this was a far better way to waste a day
or ignore your wife

actually this was my first time to Hackney Wick, and i thouroughly liked the area itself.
you know how much I love things slightly rough and ready
not too sure then why im hoping on going to singapore then

I love how having grown up in london, im still discovering these cool little nooks and crannies all around

This guy is a genius love the work
i feel really lucky to have done a couple of markets with him at the Flee market at Corsica Studio's in E&C
[thanks to jack +Ben harris from FDA organising it!] [more on that little malarky another time!]

uses recycled materieals to create a whole manner of brilliant bits and pieces
he was sound enough to trade one of his spare brains and a finger for some of my wares
nice one!


love the music

love the sun

theres something about this i think is just absolutely brilliant

why arent i messing around with these myself!!!?!?!?

*good boy*

boat races!

..and that was hackney wicked!

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