Monday, 1 August 2011


SCOTTERS! i popped up for a cheeky jaunt up scotland
this post is more about the history barely beneath the surface of this old town
history as in the really frigging old signs and adverts still there, still advertising, in some cases, litrallu 100's of years old

that old world, and particuly old signs are really interesting to me

of course you do

actually this site is of the appant HARRY POTTER SCHOOL
there is a old castle, now a school behind this wall that is apparently
inspired harry potter's author.

i didnt even bother taking a photo.
it was fairly bland and actually i found this gold sign quite interesting instead
[i like the way the "o" is spelt]

infact adults taking photos of schools is surely against some kind of law.

i love how these two really old signs have somehow overlapped
why? could they just not be arsed to paint over the other??

how this whole other world,
this window into the beginning of the previous century is barely just under the surface,
still breaking out, like echo's still telling you something.

deep fried mars bar & a can of iron brew
the meal of champions

i like how it looks like someone nicked the poles for the signs,
and they just hang there momentarily before dropping as if in cartoons


this is the front door to a newsagents.
i found it incredibly depressing
but i did appreciate the early 90's drinks brandings

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