Monday, 31 January 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011


these are just giving me some more cool ideas for my zombie style posters

I like these mostly for the story they tell, thyre quite weird in a positive way, you can see theres some kind of mad story behind them and i like that
the colours a pretty cool too!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Screenprint poster inspiration

 I absolutely love these retro style posters. Its seeing something like this that gives me ideas in what direction to develop my Zombie poster. nice idea for a progression: "it came from elephant and castle"

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Liberated Press // published work!

fresh off the Liberty printers and the LCC blog!...

Students in The Liberated Press

The Liberated Press
Good news for some of our FdA Design for Graphic Communication and BA Journalism students who were selected to feature in lo-fi quarterly periodical, The Liberated Press.
The Liberated Press
Chloe Rosina White, Eurico Sa Fernandes, Benjamin Rider [gettin!], Mariana Lobao, Pimm Chongcharoen and Petter Lundgren (BA Journalism) were successful to a call out for “manifestos, gonzo journalism, DIY fiction, poetic ramblings, mix-ups, mash-ups and screw ups” amongst other things, and their work helped comprise Issue 2.
Students were briefed by FdA Design for Graphic Communication alumna Rebecka Behrman who is currently working for Liberty as a graphic designer.
The Liberated Press - Matt Blease
The Liberated Press is inspired by 60s and 70s underground counter culture and ‘zines and is made keeping computers at a minimum. It seeks to provide a platform for emerging writers, artists and designers wanting to “explore their creativity in print” and is stocked in Magma and Concrete Hermit.
The Liberated Press

I really like the paper itself! bit of fun and interesting. it genuinely is worth a leaf through
if your very lucky theres some circulating in nice letterpressed brown bags with 2 free badges
quite pleased I got involved in something outside of uni, unfortunately most of our submissions are tiny and Im probably not going to bung it in my portfolio. not going to stop me putting it on my blog though!
fingers crossed still for the V+A illustration competition, judged this coming april
[and my application to the study china program!]

London Art Fair 201

I noticed this year when I visited this massive assault of art prints in islington that I was paying a lot more attention to how galleries displayed their work.

My personal favourite, the above image, was where one gallery instead of being a nice white walled box amoungst 250 other white walled boxes got out of it and displayed 4 or 5 instillations accross the building itself.
I thought that was really innovative way of displaying the work.

But they handed me a really boring A4 black and white piece of paper covered in times new roman, blandly set, explaining the pieces and the gallery. it was incredibly boring and binned it at the first opportunity
as did many others I noticed.

Again with the innovation is the below images,
of one gallery section, i thought it was quite novel the way they sold their work

packaging it and displaying it in this way as if some kind of art supermarket
quite funny as well i thought!

but it had the effect of making accessible and affordable and almost recognisable and I liked that.
Im sure there are plenty of bespoke purists who where utterly aghast at this sight
which makes me like it even more.

deep fried bible.
this was all cut out, as if a stencil
each letter individualy painted, cut out, stuck on.
bloody hell!

I now want to give my dog dreadlocks.

this sculpture looks like michael winner

I almost cringe at mentioning the word street art
but i do love it, i feel as if alot of people internally groan at the word as its used so much
and used so much artificially

but this guy 'Jef Aerosoul' made some great pieces and it was refreshing to see an individual use of stencils
It made me re consider them

I also appreciate the collage to give texture,
i tried to achieve the same with old yellowing sci fi comics and letterpress
but when painted over i just lost all the quality

robot spaniel!

Being good at drawing still counts sometimes
you never get good
only a little bit better than last year,
must keep practicing

i thought this was good!
combining colour mag photos into a collage painting
good use!

but i love it
makes me smile, im getting into this daft style alot