Saturday, 14 July 2012

FABRIC LONDON artwork development

Currently working on a brilliant brief:
the artwork / branding for University of the Arts' freshers week festival

Part of that brief is the artwork for a special night at Fabric London and KOKO.
Heres some of the development work i went through.

I submitted this as a rough dirty prototype,  I am part of a small team of designers
so another team member, joe shi-probably the best most supportive and friendly person I've worked with so far-
is capably looking after the type.

I made this to give an indication of the visual direction i wanted to go down
it being collage, bright, energetic. generally loud.

I gave it some experiments and options.
one being coloured textures to act as a background to lift the type.

loved this colour and texture.
notice the subtle triangular pattern I fed in there.

From presenting the textures and new collages, i returned to my original submission,
finding much more energy and visuals i liked in it.

I worked up original suggestions and made these figure 11 targets more collaged and personal.
and less threatening [no more guns]

So I experimented with robots, weird faces and colour!
and messing about with pattern until I found something exciting!

For the final i took out some of the elements i had digitally, such as this stripey background,
i took them out and messed about getting more depth and texture,
simply trying things out like ripping and tearing the paper, rubbing and destroying it, printing it dozens of times on the photocopier, scanning it in and printing it in all wonky to achieve something with a bit more work and depth to put more energy and vibrancy into the piece.

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