Saturday, 24 August 2013

fatherless X benrider collab

oh bloggeroo ive left you rusting outside under a cheap tarpaulin for far too long!
well IM BACK!! -

Its now been a year since I graduated and I wanted to have a little reflection over the last few months.
I havent reached where I want to be with my image making, - I never will there is still so much I want to achieve, learn, try and experiment. 

But Looking back, I feel Ive still come a fucking long way from where i set out.

Getting to work the brilliantly brilliant Fatherless collective taught me a great deal more than I expected

-Im instantly drawn to their work, layering up, screenprinting, colours, collage. its ace! and all the things I love about image making and print making. so working with these guys and sharing eachothers process and idea's was great fun and took a lot from this. cheers guys

I brought in a screen with my queen on it,
felt appropriate to throw into their mix having a british stamp in the layers

awesome showing up at the exhibition and seeing how theyve already attacked the work.
I gave them layers to work with, paper I'd already printed on for them to experiment with.
Chuffed they were into it

Collaboration is brilliant and exciting seeing what comes out.

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