Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Car Boot sale of London sightings

never feed swans from your hand.

I utterly love how multicultural london is

found in the morning.
dont think anything will say more about a cheap saturday out than this view

-love how the coke was barely touched but the vodka was totally empty

a cake found in dalston. 

no idea who got an entire item of luggage in there
but i salute you

burnt out workmans glove amoungst the empties

the most pointless door 


not me! casually drawn on a used metro newspaper in my carriage

thats a naked barbie doll in a piss soaked doorway.

found in a toilet cubicle

love this van. wonder what it delivers and for whom?

never knew there was such a thing
found in wandsworth

i know it hasnt rotated
but turn your head its poetry

gig in an abandoned swimming pool

yin / yang


this town is massive and so incredibly varied.
Nothing quite like it there is always something new to be seen or found
[view from crystal palace]

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