Saturday, 24 August 2013

Look what you can do with an decent camera. And a waterloo vaults exhibition post

Look at the quality of these shots!! I had a decent Sony digital camera - my dad bought it for me after graduation.... off ebay. surprised it even worked for the half dozen times i used it.
looking back at the quality of these might have to invest in a decent solid digital camera

BUT ALSO!!!!...Stumbled across an absolutely AMAZING exhibition staged by lazarides

Hidden underneath waterloo in its vaults - i absolutely absolutely LOVE the vaults under waterloo
such an atmosphere, like walking back in time. also makes me angry that the vaults under tower bridge station are being smashed to pieces to make another sterile glass building you'll never have anything to do with.

but thats another story..
Lazarides always put on the most fascinating exhibitions. love what can be acheived,
as I went in i was greeted by a giant project dog barking savagely at me
and had to navigate a maze in the dark to get in!!! 

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