Thursday, 25 March 2010

tate visit+Lecture-contemporary printmaking with proffessor paul

1st things 1st this is what i learnt: [in terms of technique and things to try]
some of the best and famous print makers [rembrandt] have produced exciting good prints by using A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK AND EXPERIMENTATION [yess!!] 
-the idea of taking RISKS is a theme ive bumped into alot subconsciously. one of the biggest things i took from one of Karls illustration seminars was to just fucking go and do it ; TO TAKE RISKS, BE BRAVE, its so easy to leave an image as it is, i do this all the time expecially with life drawing, im pleased with a particular life drawing but fear to take it further incase i bollocks it up.this is where etching has really contributed to my life drawing.much to say about that -the ability to bend and manipulate a line drawing, to add more than just the line, mix it up with monoprints,surface etc. the ability to not worry about making a mistake as the plate can produce 100's of the same drawing
-WOOD CUT-something ive really wanted to play with after lino cut workshop i did recently. how the grain of the wood comes through and that on its own can be used. we were shown an image where someone took lumps of wood and printed it in a pattern on a huge surface, in different vibrant colour, put it on a floor and actually looked like a wooden floor!but all mad coloured wood!brilliant!
-and an excellent way to excecute a wood cut-JUST PASTE THE PICTURE ON TOP OF THE WOOD ITSELF AND CUT INTO IT!!-as if making a stencil, or like how we did in darrens bitmap image making workshop.make life alot easier. might do this for lino cut too!
also and so simple yet so brilliant-once a wood cut is complete you dont even have to print it TAKE RUBBINGS OF THE SURFACE!!!!!-weve all done that at some time or another, using crayons to capture the surface quality of wood and the bark of a tree-SO SIMPLE SO BRILLIANT!!-imagine mixing that up with a mono print of the wood before cutting or reversing that etc!!!
turns out mixing processes has a name, its called A HYBRID PRINT
-happy i went, turned into a beutiful day with my freindly fellow creatives and the tate just next door to chelsea. and also tha chris ofili or whatever his name is there looks a bit balls for the £8.50 asking price to get in!fuck that! the gallery itself has some cool stuff to discover.even the orginial oil painting of the end of the world i see reproduced in papers n everything all over the place. normally them old painting bore me so much and just numb my mind.
heres the odd stuff i found interesting when the guards backs wer turned so i could take a cheeky pic!

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