Saturday, 31 July 2010

life drawing development

I wanted to draw this because of the hair and that big round nose

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Following on from a chapter in my FMP book where i was drawing people i saw in london, ive enjoyed having a pocket sketchbook on me and drawing - much better than reading the metro.
the problem is you only get a minuite or two, and they move! so i wanted try it out on something utterly still and with as much time as possible without worrying about making eye contact millions of times with the same person.
and it was good! insantly i got better attention to detail as i could look right up to the face, for some reason also found this easier to to larger drawings and experiment more with the composition on the page

this is why i went up the v+a, and do some double exposures of the sculpture to as im finding more and more that humans make much more interesting subjects than anything else. [for me anyway]

heres some of the original 2 minuite drawings from the project:

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