Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hidden London-resear Leake St 8:30 am weekday morning

Never noticed before but the road sign is all in capitals
I think this type id like to work into as some kind of headline or header to my spread.
definately have to manipulate it further. was originally thinking of making a stencil out of it and playing with some street art style type based on this font, making it drippy and splatty, maybe a couple stickers on it.
or at least distoerted like the pasted letters later on..

i noticed lots of people, lots of cars coming and going.
people going to work and people actually working
these people wer doing some photo shoots here

comparing this to the road sign, i think the font might be the same
at least similar
i like the way you can see it looks official, but it curves and just isnt quite 100%, like something beyond
and i think sums th eplace up. people i have spoken to previously have told me its technically illegal to paint here,
the police will turn a blind eye and even encourage you with beutiful, passionate paintings and will infact act when they see people damaging and tagging the nice paintings
very forward thinking and open minded

no idea what mysterious businesses are conducted behind the walls

quite like the sign.
its dirty and has been exposed to use and and the environment
as if the streets like some kind of a tidal mark

coming back to my earlier concept of cropping into a part and 'texture' of the type of thing on offer is a much more apt way of communicating the art colour and variety on offer down here
heres a potential example

things happen here
i have no idea what
its still a normal place at the end of the day
and that makes it even better and accessible to a wide audience

cheeky photoshoot!
quite clever using the light in this way
like that

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