Saturday, 9 October 2010

A-Z: TYPOLOGY-LetterPress part 1

For the word TYPE i thought it would be great to go down and investigate the use of Letterpress, and to produce something allowing me to properly literally get to grips with type.

I decided from the onset for the format to be a poster-one of the most graphic design formats going, and to use a quote specifically about Type.

i chose the quote :

i heard this in our briefing and it sparked an idea. i collected many other type quotes but this one stuck with me.

 I began in InDesign , shaping layouts and rough sizes of how i wanted it to look, The image on the left is pretty much the bare bones of how i wanted it to look. The reason i chose to use helvetica to work with as it is one of the the first fonts we think of as designers and also because i wanted to play with the context of the quote but deliberately using some bad type-as helvetica is well recognised with us, we know how it looks, i wanted to drop a few other fonts-'Aksidenz Grotesque' to communicate its message further.

Aksidenz grotesque was far too similar and just missed the point entirely so i went with Gill Sans.
At first i was the 'e' at the end of 'type', but then ,litrally by mistake, the 'o' in no looked and worked better to put the deliberate mistake.

I did consider doing lots of mistakes, and breaking just about every type rule going, but speaking with alex and david, they quite rightly suggested this would be a bad idea, it would be as if telling the same joke over and over and explainging the joke-completely missing the joke.

for the record alex in letterpress hates bad letterspacing the most
 -Got my type together and rough layout.
had to drop a Pt size because it didnt fit.

-at first i wanted to print on an A3 to fit the box. but after discussion i became well up for the idea of doing it on a proper size and folding it

so i came to think about how the folds and type would work accoss the poster-which fitted in beutifully with a workshop we did with ben
 i printed off the type and covered it in chalk dust so i could handle it without smudging the fuck out of everything
 started on my paste up

Alex recommends we work with this. get the spacing right here and measure it

this didnt work for me

but i did it anyway and it did help with planning the final layout and type accross folds....

ranged left / ranged right with lots of space

ranged right against ranged left, reversing the original to see how it looked
worked didnt like it. bad use of space

went back to the original and just raised the ranged left
liked it.
stuck it on the wall and stood back
to play with the folds more [it will be folded into an
A4 size]
ive had the beginning word of the 2nd half of the quote on the second page.
so your eye sees the first half, opens the first fold sees the beginning of the 2nd part of quote
to lead onto the rest of the fold and quote.
=delighted and excited wiht it

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