Saturday, 9 October 2010

HIDDEN LONDON-research pt1 -Leake St 6pm midweek rushhour

 On Tuesday this week I popped down to Leake Street, yes to revisit my favourite old street art haunt, but to conduct research.

I spent half an hour just looking observing and recording.

these are some of the things i saw during the busiest time of day in london

although it is a bit of a street artists mecca its also a normal highway, lots of cyclists, lots of people with their shopping and just going from A to Z. and even at quite a late time of day still lots of everyday business being conducted down there...
the entrance/ exit depending on how you look at it

another way in. originally a 'waterloo this way'
now lost into the whole atmosphere of colours

i was atually quite surprised to see it being maintained. but it is.

bit of the ol' vernacular type there.

 I wouldnt say this image sums up the vibe of the place. but It didnt seem out of place to see an overturned wrecked sofa in the middle of a massive puddle.
and covered in paint

 THIS! this, although not the best image quality would be my secret part of my hidden london

The brief says to mention/highlight a particular part person etc

this would be mine

-Why? -because the whoel section of wall remains untouched from the original openeing the original art is still there, also of note are some of banksy's "cambpell soup spray" cans. pretty rare n pretty hidden

better images soon

out of anything id probably say this sums up the mood for me. very urban very underground and lots of people going about normal things.

looking around at the various things on the wall i had an idea that for imagery it would be best to crop into parts of the art or letters instead of picking just one or a selection to display as the palce changes so much, i feel it sums up whats on offer-the colours and the graphics, but doesnt reveal enough to give hopefully a bit more interest and curiousity. and as it chenged so much gives the image a timelessness too

some of the different wall texture...

 i tried taking rubbings but this wall is so texturised im not sure if it was worth it

still open for business.
no idea what though

leake st: artists and cyclists

quite casually painting this insane picture.
quite funny i thought!

where artists and the everyday public come together.
for free
no objective no motive just people being themselves

in the below image i particuly like the old guy bringing his daughter down and pointing out the images to her.
-something for all the family not just a target audience of just me

the only place in london you can see free art
and get your car washed

the art is EVERYWHERE!! its on the ceiling here! even painted on the floor earlier
defeniately keep your eyes open
and it changes so much!

im excited about my choice for Hidden London

the more i think about it, the more it feels right. Ive spent so much time there and given much to the place.
this place is so apt, its so central yet so hidden, you wouldnt really know of it unless you actually went there.
its litrally underneath waterloo station. ive taken locals there, people from other parts of the UK and other parts of the globe and all have found the place as fascinating as i do
i hope i do a good outcome for this.

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