Monday, 3 September 2012

Blisters Illustrated movie show posters

Im showing the show space curation first as I found that really well done, 
this was an exhibition from a competition to illustrate your favourite movie posters

A competition I regret not doing, choosing d&ad instead [never ever ever enter a d&ad competition]

But the space was amazing! i loved the textures, [but i love old things especially buildings]
I lvoed all the movie related things like the little drive in mock up with toy cars, even giving out small bags of popcorn at the entrance! brilliant.

one thing that did go down well was the flood of people coming out and going round dalston with the print club london tubes of prints!

The work itself was excellent; 
I was really pleased to be taken to this to see a different take of interpretation, thinking about interpreting music and this was amazing. it felt as if the illustrator would pick out a particular scene, or icon, or prop and as simply as that communicated the film.

Warriors - my favourite poster

Back to the future

watership down

another back to the future, i think this was one of the most popular prints.

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