Monday, 3 September 2012

Mr Brainwashout

Im really into exploring ways of making each print unique.
love his idea of unique backgrounds.
Not so keen on obviously photoshopped using posterised imagery

 Overall a really interesting show, I'd recommend going to see it while its still open 
[and you get free posters]

This is first "solo" show for Mr Brainwash in London.

Its worth watching 'exit through the gift shop' film, even to learn about how Mr Brainwash came about [good film anyway!] but basiclyMr Brainwash is basically some kind of manifestation of banksy's mind / humour? 

Its been put that mr brainwash is banksy's joke on the art world. Wether or not thats true, the work on display gives a really uncomfortable feeling,

its like shouting all these messages but not saying anything at all. Its basically 'throwing up the last 10 years of street art' as my non street arty friend brilliantly put it.

It has this amazing platform and mouthpiece to communicate real things, but its just not? its really obvious and cliche'd -lots of mickey mouses, mc donalds+big name brand remixes, but whats it actually saying, it kind of looks like its saying something, flirting with communicating something really bold and groundbreaking. but just doesn't. 

In a way he almost becomes the things he's trying to discuss, cambells soup spray cans and Dali drinking from Mc Donalds cups..his work is as if Street Arts Mc Donalds, Mc Art,
like nicely packed safe 'edginess'

The thing is a lot of it is executed really quite well, I'm really into the making process behind a lot of it,
its a shame he didn't actually make any of it though

its like a group show but he's hijacked the work, i doubt in the space of 5 years odd he's been active he's learnt to master oil painting and printmaking, and how to make giant yoda's out of giant tyres! 

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