Monday, 3 September 2012

Interesting Record cover design

Great use of an LP format...

Ive started using Pinterest to upload my inspiration and discover into artwork for music. Its actually a great format have a look at the other design I've been looking into for this project here:

I started by discovering design for music, how is it done, what is held up as good, how do i approach this? So began by speaking to a wide range of musicians, different age groups and definitely different musical styles making a note to speak with those I felt were more aligned with the music I will be interpreting.

One great thing that came out of doing this was being shown some favourite album artwork, particularly record collections, literally holding it and going through it.

these 2 really took to me, this album by Jethro Tull is one continuous track discussing social issues -important to me and this project- so the physicality of that came out as a newspaper! brilliant! what a great format.

also simply 'stand up' again by jethro tull with a pop up image in the centre-simple but brilliant!

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