Sunday, 7 October 2012

Enterprise Week Pitch

I recently pitched for a job to re-design U.A.L.'s Enterprise Week 2013,
I presented 3, My favourite concept is this one,

boiling down the core of what this week of talks and workshops is about;
to inspire, develop skills, and teach you how to succeed.

Here is my rough, as its a pitch I spent no longer than an hour putting together something to look at,
I referenced my own work, and other illustrators such as Andy Smith who work with type.

I was very honest in the pitch, as I had worked for UAL on a fairly large scale for a number of design jobs, and i was concerned about UAL using so much of my work accross their designed touchpoints, perhaps a variety of designers to reflect the variety of students and skills would be more appropriate.

I still stand by my suggestion, its works and if actioned, would look amazing having some flash illustrated type. 

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