Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exploring Heygate estate

Its frustrating to see such large areas of housing go derelict, especially in the face of so much homelessness, extortionate rent prices and absolutely no hope of ever being able to afford a house of my own.

I agree it may not be 'safe' - but really? is it really that fucking dangerous? dangerous compared with throwing your life into the hands of the pavement every night sleeping rough, battling freezing temperatures and all the dangers of living rough to the elements, and in a modern urban environment.

Surely, we could allow a section to be given over, let people make their own choice. Do up the place if they want make it livable, give them a chance.

Im horrified at the new laws about squatting being officially illegal, i can agree with doing something about the twats who barge in a ruin homes. but empty houses, when will distinctions be recognised? not all squatters are crack heads and its just a shame on this government that such a massive zone 1 area in london is allowed to rot away while so much could be done with it if they just gave a chance. or actually gave a sh*t.

its fascinating to see nature almost reclaim its property.
one of the reasomn i find urban exploration so fascinating.

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