Sunday, 7 October 2012

PICK N MIX ME UP // pick me up workshop

Im proud to be working closely with Andy Ioakim and Guillermo Torres amoungst some other creative greats,
to put together a proposal for workshops during Pick Me Up 2013

Out of several Ideas we came up collectively and individually, one I took further and visualised is the
Pick n Mix me up workshop: -Create a 2D puppet from our work!

This basic idea is for us as a collective to produce a series of illustrations based on our work and style
 and designed to be cut out. Participants can keep and edit our work, and produce their own new character
by effectively collaging the different elements into one new 2-Dimentional Puppet

Amoungst others heres some of my favourite Other ideas from the scrap heap:

Using Flavoured food dye - draw food and eat it.

Using a paintball gun, draw a gun

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