Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Digital Photography_LONDON - 1st ever digitals

I have always always used a film camera and strictly for creating multiple exposures [to me, anything else is a waste of my film] and still remains an essential tool i keep with me everywhere

when i line up my shots, alot are deliberately done in order to blend with something else [in the nature of my multiple exposures] but once in a while there is a lovely scene i wish i could capture on its own

and as i begrudgingly make my way through the world of digital illustration/ design it really is about time i treat myself to a more modern tool, at least one made while i was alive, such as a digital camera

it has so many uses. but for me its main function is capturing the shots and views i have found interesting and would otherwise be lost to the old dream machine

one of the instant delights ive found is the ability to capture incredible detail, and be able to get rediculously close to a subject and record texture and use these textures to create an almost abstract image

one of the subjects that interests me most is decay. things that are aged, but more things that have been exposed to some kind of use, for example the image of the doorway- why is this interesting to me? why would i take this picture? why do i like this doorway?

for starters strange old aged doorways generally interest me, anything could be behind these doors. but as an example these doors are old, and have been exposed to the tidal mark of londons streets. it has character, its imperfections carry a thousand different stories. 
that is what interests me as a subject matter.

the last time we'll see the doors to the foundry open.
i feel closing these doors closed the door on a truly free space for  not just excellent modern art, but culture and thought.

its now going to be a hotel
what the fuck
its a crime a handful of people with moeny and power can quash so much character and interest in our lives

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