Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A-Z summer project // XLOGRAPHY Pt.1 [Wood Cut]

Wood cut, and relief printing in general, holds a massive fascination for me. i think its just great.
I was kindly taken to see someone who owned loads of prints and these just beutiful original wood cut blocks
it was fascinating to see touch and hold these things. i think they were really old

the level of detail, and the style was really beutiful, and im lucky to see these original antiques so close, as with paintings in galleries i like to get right close to it to see the brush strokes and layering to get an idea of how its done

from what i could see-definately looks feasable. its all about figuring out the image on top, drawing it or maybe pasting on an image i want to try
 ive only tried lino cut, but ive solid plans and experiments for wood blocks. thatll be the final part of my research [look at the post on swoons work for some of my ideas]

the colours of the prints wer really vibrant and well used!
it looked like only a small selection of colours used, and maybe overlapped

i still really like the original just black and white

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