Tuesday, 21 September 2010

LOMO action samples

This is all just a little bit of fun and a little bit of experimentation. when it comes to photography im all abotu experimentation, i rarely take a normal picture. it has to be exposed to some form of mad process

and thanks to a couple particular individuals ive been dying to get into lomography. Luckily i got one! i picked up the Lomo Action Sampler for half price when the putney london graphic center closed.

What intrigues me most is the quality of the pics, the cheap plastic lens and the poundland film kind of age the colour, its strange as i look through these pictures i feel as though i should be idling through a box of photos i found in my dads loft.

its the memory like quality i like the most. that and the utter sillyness

i ended up using this camera to record London AS MOVEMENT for part of one of the workshops extentions for the FMP. it was a valid and useful experiment. but in my eyes most of the pictures where pretty boring and i think ive deleted them all now

but heres some of my favourites!!
self portrait


theres no such thing as needing a good camera for a good picture.

'what is that!?'

a lomo
jon is such a good student




luca and london
curtain face

unfortunately the lomo isnt working anymore. the film jus isnt catching on the spool inside i think
sometimes i have to spend a day winding the clicky winder and maybe it might wind on a pic.
[ any suggestions anyone?:) ]

but fun while it lasted!!

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