Monday, 20 September 2010

A-Z summer project // CALLIGRAPHY Pt.1-Calligraphy museum JeonJu

ive been finding this post really hard to talk about actually its been sitting minimised in the corner of my laptop like something i need to do like calling a distant family member at xmas 
i just dont know what to say

i visited a calligraphy museum
it wasnt that alrite
it was good ,it was free, but i was much more interested in the 'normal' calligraphy and everyday handwriting i found around me and wasnt that inspiring

that great thing was picking up a few free calligraphy magazines on my way out!

this museum was about just one famous korean calligrapher

this is a kind of practice sheet, id see these sold alot, squared paper for practicing the characters and their size

different wieghts, strokes, whatever the classificationw ould be here

i really liked these posters, seeing something familiar but completely foreign. i coul dstill recognise 'hierarchy' in the type

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