Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A-Z summer project // KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY [this is AMAZING!!]

FUCKING WOW! im sorry for the strong language but im litrally bouncing off the walls with what ive just found out

this is the most insane process WE ALL HAVE HAVE HAVE TO TRY OUT!! 
this is litrally the most brilliant thing in the whole world

I was scanning through the letters i havent done yet for this project, and idly asked someone i know whos dead into photography what kirlian photography is 'from what i know you make a photogram as you would the normal way but put high voltage electricity through the subject'

WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THIS UNTIL NOW!? ive litrally gone to google to see image results and research further i just laughed at the sheer insanity and brilliance of this process. i had to share my feelings about it before going into the actual facts and details of this process

I love being in this subject. i love how something completely out the blue which i have never discovered just appears and is simply another limb of possibility i could dedicate my life to pursuing. there will never be enought ime for it all. anyway check out what it looks like!...... [and then ill write up about how to do it, when we're all back am definately going to badger the photography guys to get us to do this-and to go through some dark room stuff for all of us who still want to do this 

an electric mushroom! genius!

notice anything different with this fingerprint?
this is actually Uri Gellers fingerprint!

im not quite sure how this has been achieved, but something i love about this process is how it goes into the realms of the paranormal
-using this kirlian process it is possible to photograph someones Aura!

its controversial for all the obvious reasons, tests where done using leaves, the argument being that as the leaf dies, its aura dies so in the image the 'glow' you see fades. but this could also be the fact that the leaf dries and loses its ability to conduct electricity.

either way- this is fascinating as it doesnt explain the results on humans. this is just beyond anything i could find words for

So yeah as you see this is just fascinating on some pretty deep levels

this is how it came about..

aka "electography"

is a photogram, made using a high voltage. -if an object is plugged into high voltage electricity small 'corona discharges' - or some beutiful glowy electric effect- occurs and creates the image onto the plate. so in theory, no light is required at all. 

[ playing with huge volts of electricity, metal and watery objects and in the dark definately spells doom]

It all started, like all fantastic things, purely by accident! 'Semyon Kirlian' made a complete arse out of looking after his photographic paper in the late 30's
for whatever reason, he was actually litrally fucking about with plugging vegetables in the mains electricity 
-and by chance did it on top of a photographic plate and noticed the results!

from 1939 onwards [when he found this out] he dedicated his life to exploring this, and his theory of photographing a persons 'aura' 

Im going to conduct the bulk of my research for this by hopefully actually doing it, not the history of it. so hopefully more when we get back!


  1. So I just randomly stumbled across this blog and got insanely excited after reading this article! Even having a degree in photography I had never heard of this, but now I am SO stoked to try. So yeah, thanks for posting this!

  2. So how do we learn what we need to do this awesome gift and how to do it? Are you a teacher or do you know any?

    Deb Webb