Thursday, 23 September 2010

A-Z summer project // PHOTOMONTAGE 2 - David Hockney

This is great!! ah im loving this!!i forgot all about this artist until i started browsing the internet for photomontage DEFINATELY HAVING A CRACK AT THIS! this looks fun!
my instant reactions are that this is somethign thats going to be so much more fun by hand than on photoshopp
early on in the summer i was reading a tutorial on how to do these ont he computer, it looks straightforward enough [ish] and ought to be a good into into playing with photoshop etc.
i say that so much but its true

i find with digital media i have to almost force myself. but once i start its pretty good

definately definately have to try this!


  1. super cool :) I'm constructing one for class

  2. Im doing the same with car headlights. Love photomontages :P