Friday, 26 November 2010


im never going to grow out of double/multiple exposures ive decided. 
thyre just  too damn fascinating for me. 
people describe as being completely 'random'
i disagree, each angle and shot has been taken with this in mind, ive easily done more than 100 rolls now
so i feel ive a good eye for setting up each shot knowing how it will blend with the next, 
of course there will always be a large degree of utter spontaneuity, and thats what makes it fascinating

i cant determine exaxtly hwo its going to mix, what shapes/ colours are going to emerge and what thyre going to create.

these are a handful of the latest batch from the summer [still got a good half dozen to scan in still!]
my main problem now is how to feed this into my A-Z project, it fits in beutifully with the word 'analogue' but the thing is am not so sure about just bashing out another book-is that really the best format for these things?

i may do a few on t-shirts.
recommendations are VERY welcome

what the hell kind of title could i use for these?
what word comes to mind for you?

one of my particular favourites...

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  1. Love the water lilly / underground photograph - makes it seem like you're entering a parallel world under the water