Tuesday, 16 November 2010

LETTERPRESS EXPERIMENTS // liberty development work


iM going to be so gutted to leave lcc
and when i do one of the things ill miss are the facilities, especially how inspired ive become with letterpress
omg its like printmaking a core graphic design typography come together
and the finish is so amazing!
anyway for liberty LIBERATED PRESS i wanted to utilise this and some techniques ive touched upon for the final piece...

 yeah none of these pics are in order. Thanks blogger for making it so easy to move my uploaded images around

these are the most basic of experiments. this is work for the 'ONOMATOPEIA' a-z project
making the type physical and litrally getting my hands on it and exposing it to some kind of process or decay. more ideas include BURN, MELT, RUST, INFLATE, FADE etc
and will litrally burn or fade the letters. 

with an outcome maybe of a kind of designers a-z chart as if for children.but for designers

My favourite experiment for the word GREEN. in a previous project i accidently leant accross my type while it was wet with ink, printed it and the fine detail of my t-shirt came out exquisitely on my print! i couldnt believe it! so then went and excitedely collected other textures to print with and now found a relevan home with this project USING LEAVES!

i got the best detail, you can see each vain of the leaf. put the leaf acccross the type, paper on top, bring the roller accross, remove it all-then print it! great! 

 for the liberty LIBERATED PRESS project, at first i just took the numbers 185 and messed about with that, printing it weirdly etc. but my heart wasnt in the results. took it to paul and an idea i had for someone elses work was suggested i use in my own

so wanting to utilise letterpress i litrally did as much madness as possible , using the idea of 1885-135 years ago and wanted to use a process an font that reflected this and this was perfect. i basicly tried to 'age' the prints and expose them to things so it looked aged and new

i used scrinched up paper and an old rag. in the end i used another way of using the press perfectly ilegally and getting the most insane result but i never did this before and looks so cool

these are my final experiments WHICH I LOVE
i used this with a mixture of digital and hand drawn illustration [results in next post]

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