Friday, 12 November 2010

BAST - street art collage inspiration

I just think this guys work is fantastic! I pretty much love anything street arty that isnt some grey silver and black throw up but this in particular is great!

the reason i like it is the style and process seem accessimble, it seems like this kind of collage we could do and put our own twist on it.
plus the screenprinted colours and effect is obviously right up my street
omg i gta try something like this.

i might just blow a few quid on the photocopier and get some mad results

I havent actually done any screenprinting this term which is just insane, ive done printmakign and just about everything else that isnt screenprinting yet i see it at one of my strongpoints. hmmm

anyway i will be putting up some recent work and test examples i just want to put up some inspiration for myself ad am in a bit of a funny haitus right now

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