Monday, 8 November 2010

Vyner Street. -monthly exhibition street

Thanking my amazing FDA freinds for getting me here
this was very cool, a whole street of small galleries open on the same night

ill be honest alot of stuff on display was shite
but not all

i found the buildings area and event itself the most interesting.
its also encouraging to see the amount of skill on display from people on our own course compared to peoples work on display

 this was just insane. litrally wandering around someones house! they had some odd work on display though
but still it was insane

there was one landing which was glassed off and some people and a bar inside a kind of framed room

some cool wood cuts
these wer HUGE
and went for the best part of £1000


i think these faces wer my favourite out of the lot

its something im interested in as a subjet and mixing collage and media

just brilliantly weird

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