Monday, 8 November 2010

SWIFTY - graphic design meets camoflage and childhood toys

actually most of this hasnt got that much to do with 'swifty'
i stumbled along this gallery, this is the one which had n brodies stuff during the anti design festival

n has a wealth of joyous odds and ends...

 i just like the kind of texture of this thick old letters

i want.

 the below image i like because i just love the edges. i really want to go for something simi,ar myself but havent had any luck with the school enlargers
the image itself is cool and dated i really like it anyway
but even more the proper hand made look and feel of them edges



thisll be swiftys bit then

 through out his little corner i love all his mad little old style

 again the texture in these letters is fucking brilliant
i want

 these are great! i might have to try something similar
'cheap and nasty toys'

i think these are a thing of the past what with health and safety
-i still remember toy dinosaurs that would spit a cloud of angry white sparks when wound up
and it was supposed to do that!

 theres something about these photos below i really liked. 
they were dated and i liked that but also the colour and the content 
, a kind of beutiful normal or even ugliness

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