Monday, 8 November 2010

LOST KNOWLEDGE // print exhibition

 Have a loOok at this! i was lucky enough to get involved with a printmaking exhibition at LCC
i submitted 2 diferent prints of a series of etchings i did. they wer drawings of a life model etched and then combined with monoprinted colours

the show is being taken down now but is re-opening in camden in december!! please feel free to come
the private view will have a couple mad bands and probably loads more cheap booze
an of course, some insane printmaking
this is my first involvment with and exhibition space outside of the course ones
quite exciting to see people looking at my work

very clever this one i thought

lino cut and screenprint!!what a good idea!

this is insane. it reacts to uv light and changed to these beutiful shades of colour
rolands mucking about with this thermo nuclear paper or whatever it is
look forward to see what he comes up with

skulls are always cool
especially this one

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