Saturday, 31 October 2009

letterpress round 2

Letterpress part two! I feel in this session i learnt and did the most. 
what you can see in the pictures are the final stages of the end result. I worked in a team of 4 others and i reckon we all got something out of the end result i feel we are all happy with the design we agreed on.
i still like an idea i had right early on and might sly back in there n do it; we were given a brief to use words to describe the colour red. we used the expression "bloody hell!" as both words relate to the colour and its emotion is definately angry all communicating something about the colour. [my idea was to have Danger! with the middle d'anger'! letters in red.

you can see here the paste up we made, through to piecing it together and securing it to the final adding ink to the machine. note its best to dab the ink on to give a blend and let the machine do its thing for a bit to get a wider fade.

i loved it all, and i was particuly deligthed with a cheeky experiment of launching a spattering of white spirit onto the inked up letters so that when it printed gave a mad spotted effect, really visually interesting. one of the others did it a bit better i felt n made the 'bloody' look as if something has actually been bleeding across it. good work.

final thoughts; Letterpress is a fantastic resourse and i feel lucky to have access to it. David and Alex have been very freindly and helpful. The subject has made me adress layout in a much more serious way and has made me think much more about stuff like bleed etc
this introduction althouhg has taught me alot and has opened up a door of possiblities making me think of all the possibilitie i could eek out of this hand made process, but has also taught me its a very deep and precise art to do well and would require as much concentration as time to execute correctly. Having said that im a cheeky fan of imperfections and not doing things how your supposed to, so having got the inside track into how your supposed to do it i know im going to have great fun breaking them rules and seeing what visual madness i can manipulate.
for those into type, printmaking or even graphics in general id highly recommend it.

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