Saturday, 17 October 2009

week 2

this week, looking back actually has been fantastic; everyday something new, something interesting,colourful, different. just the variety! im really enjoying being in college, being introduced to new ideas and ways of thinking. so far ive got up everyday looking forward to what it brings
i get the feeling this course is really going to test me, and im a bit anxious about the upcoming 4 week project.
this week i really enjoyed the typography we did tracing letters getting back to basics and thinking of typography in a different way.the little sketch i did of my name i think has a really good organic look. ill scan that later
and letterpress was really good, im just loving that im gna really enjoy spending time down there doing allsorts of stuff. its a bit mad holding the letters and actually spacing it n that by hand. bit like a medeival word processor
and fridays collaga stuff was great!even though we need to make our callages in a particular way its definately opened doors of ideas for me.

the only thing i find ive been struggling with a bit is the vct not sure i have enough to offer and sometimes feel as if its a bit too deep for me, too broad ranging.but im confident over time everything will fit into place.

but in a nutshell; delighted with everything im doing and learning and the people im doing it with

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