Saturday, 31 October 2009

Process [collage workshop]

my collages made in the workshop. Ill upload the homework ones when thyre ready

Process workshop!yeah i liked this one, im finding with all of these workshops thyre kinda streching my thought process and way i do/look at things. i wasnt really anticipating that

anyway this workshop was looking at manipulating images to convey a message, and we practiced this through the process of collage making. i loved this!i been planning on practicing and doing stuff with this area for a while n this has given me a bit of a kick up the arse and a chance to practice it. i hope i do some good ones the stuff ive seen that has inspired me is pretty decent. ..
'Jamie Reid'-he did some fantastic looking punky collages, most recognisable being the sex pistols album covers. i found an article on his work in a free magazine you find kicking around odd shops. ill be sure to upload some of that another time. also some of the stuff that inspires me i uploaded at the start shows at least one artist who uses collages for great effect as backgrounds [Obey/shepard fairey] and another who makes collages using photoshop [tes one]

anyway we are to make a 100 images exploring a variety of emotions. although hard work will be good fun

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